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DATE: January 19, 2011


​The story starts when I was a child I had a nice light complexion that was almost fair. Over the years my skin became very medium brown because of hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration and acne scars. I started using beauoxiwhite plus white 5 in 1 pills, as of November 30th 2010. I began to use beauoxi pills for a six week period. I saw a difference in my total body skin tone dramatically, as of January 10 2011. I am now a lighter complextion, about 3 shades, on my way to a fair complextion. I thank you guys for helping me reach the goals I so desperately wanted. Beauoxi white plus has exceeded my expectations over and abundantly. you can see the big difference. The complexion is a whole body change.The results are obvious.

I have a picture from two months ago and one I took today. Obviously the one where I am wearing a pink jacket and hat is the one from two months ago. The picture where I have on a beige jacket and black hair is today. The results are obvious. I look great and I thank you for the transformation I am going into back to my color from birth. Thanks for working miracles.

Lauren, USA

DATE: November 8, 2007



​I love Beauoxi White Plus!!! It's safe and a great antioxidant. I've been taking this product for almost a month now and I can say I'm one satisfied user. I'm starting to see my skin tone even out & some dark pimple marks gone. Rest assured, Magic Potions sells only genuine and high quality products and I can attest to that. Also, they exemplify great customer service and that's hard to beat! Now, I can't wait to purchase my next Magic Potion products.

Chay Pagulayan, WA, USA

DATE: October 23, 2006



​Now that I'm taking Glutathione I don't have to put blushons/makeups because my cheeks are rosy. Actually I don't have a problem with my skin color, I take glutathione because I have a liver problem. On my fourth month of taking glutathione to present, my pimple marks are all gone, my face is glowing, my cheeks are rosy (cool) and I feel so healthy. MAGIC POTIONS please give me a free gluta for this. :)

Evelyn, Pasay, Philippines

DATE: August 2, 2008



​I'm inlove with colors, whether with makeup or with clothes. My skin tone, however, limits my choices, and I've always wanted to have a lighter skin tone. Now, I've tried all types of skin whitening products, from creams, to lotions, scrubs and capsules, but nothing worked. It wasn't until I found BeauOxi White Plus that I started seeing actual results. I've been using it religiously since March 2008.

The first few weeks after I started using it, I noticed that my skin feels softer and smoother. I said :"Well, this is great! Even if I don't get fairer, this result is enough to make me happy!" It wasn't long before I also started seeing that my skin tone is lightening. My friends and officemates actually commented that I look more beautiful, and that my skin has lightened. I was hooked! I started using other Magic Potions products, like their kojic soap and the Angel Face cream. These products are just divine! The Kojic bars are the best soap I've ever tried, and the Angel creams minimized my pores and evened out my skin tone. And you know what, it's true, the effects of BeauOxi White is lightening: not just merely giving me a pasty white color, but my skin is lightening: fairer, glowing and
more radiant everyday. BeauOxi White gives me a healthy glow all over. My friends love touching my skin because their hands just glide smoothly over. Who doesn't want that? I look younger and healthier because of BeauOxi White.

It's true what they say: you feel good if you look good. Well, I look beautiful! This is the best reward I've ever given myself! With all the fake products around, I only trust Magic Potions merchandise.

Claire Arrabe, Team Leader, Shell Customer service

DATE: September 20, 2011



​Hi my name is Jeffelyn Salvador. I started using beauOxi white plus USA in May 2011. I'm proud to say "it does work"!!! I've never been satisfied with any other whitening product. It's pricy but it's worth it. I've been taking beauoxi white plus now for 4 1/2 months and I'm loving the results. I have a beautiful glossy and fairer skin. Also my pimples from my arm went away. All i could say is "Thank you beauoxi white".. i will continue to use beauoxi white plus usa, angel night and day cream, vitamin c. Thank you for making look younger and beautiful again. :)

Jeffelyn Salvador, Philippines




​I'm not fair gifted with clear smooth and fair skin especially. When I was a teen, like any normal teenager I started getting pimples, large pimples. It's really humiliating when you have at least 6 pimples at the same time and people look at them instead in my eyes when I talk to them. Worse is that these pimples leave black marks that takes months to disappear. I've tried all medication available in the market; creams, pills, astringent and soaps. I went to dermatologists but nothing improved the situation. I listen to commercials and hearsay saying that this is effective, that is effective and actually use them. That's how desperate I am. Nothing helped me until I started taking glutathione. It really improves my skin and complexion. I've been taking glutathione for years now and have tried a lot of brands but only BeauOxi White Plus give me the results that I really wanted and expected from what a glutathione can do. Now I've never been happier and more confident with how I look. I really thank beauoxi white and magic potions for helping I'm not exaggerating anything here and my friends can attest to this.

Albert, 25yo Manila, Philippines

DATE: April 22, 2013

PRODUCT: Beauoxiwhite

I have tried different gluta capsule but all of them are ineffective and cause some negative side effects to me, until my boyfriend gave me a bottle of beauoxi white glutathione as his monthsary gift and i really love it, it really works, it made my skin fairer, soft and smooth, it repairs my uneven skin tone! thank u magic potions! I will surely refer this product to my friends. more power!!!!

Maria Rosanna Cosico

DATE: March 29, 2012

PRODUCT: Beauoxiwhite


Hi! I just wanna thank all of you for producing products like Beauoxi White Capsules & Slimina Weight loss Pills. It really does what it says. I am not actually dark but I always wanted to have a whiter skin. When I happen to browse your website because of your Slimina Weight Loss pills I also saw your whitening products. Even if I've tried some whitening soaps & lotions before I noticed no difference. It's like wasting your time & money for nothing. I ordered your Slimina & Beauoxi white Capsule with kojic soap & mask, also your Angel Placenta Day & Night Cream. I am proud to say that it does wonders to my skin & body. POSITIVE RESULTS. I never expected how beautifully it changed my whole self. I felt result using your soap & the creams. No words could really express how grateful I am. From Ugly Duckling to a Beautiful Swan.:)) No more pimple scars, made me look younger(thanks) & fairer, whiter skin. Cost-effective, WORTH IT TO SPEND YOUR MONEY! IT IS WORKING! Thank You Magic Potions, to your staffs & to Beauoxi white & Slimina. Keep it up! I will still continue to use your product for maintenance.

Cleofe M. De Guzman

DATE: April 15, 2012

PRODUCT: BeauOxi White Plus Capsules


​I am an avid fan of Magic Potion and I want to show the world how Beauoxi White Plus was able to make me a fab bride. With just two bottles, it made my skin clearer and whiter. thanks to this wonder product and ill definitely endorse it to my friends.

Myraliz Cruz

DATE: September 9, 2006


I'm a first time user of L-Glutathione. I'm using BEAUOXI WHITE PLUS USA for 3 months now and I'm happy with the results. My skin color starts to even out and my pimples are gone. My friends start to ask me if I'm using some kind of soap or lotion. Now, they are also taking Glutathione and they are so excited to see the effects. Thanks!

Jenny, 26yo, Cebu, Philippines
Slimina Weight Loss Testimonials

DATE: January 14, 2010

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​I've taken Slimina for almost 6 months now.. Actually, my 6mos. intake of the pills are quite inconsistent though, it's because I don't want to actually drag too much about my diet since I'm already a mom of 2. Likewise, I don't want to look too desperate to get slim right away and all.. But you know the good thing about SLIMINA is that even I stop taking it from let's say after 2 weeks. The appetite surpressant still remains. And I'm happy with the result because I've lost around 30 pounds from the time I started taking it. I've never been so contented with a diet pill before. And SLIMINA brought back my confidence! Almost everyone I knew notice the drastic changes in my body weight and I'm loving it now..And I can say that SLIMINA has gained my trust! It gives my skin a different kind of glow and it's actually making me more beautiful than ever! And I can't wait to be on my desired body weight soon! Plus it doesn't have any side effects.Luckily, I'm on my way to a brand new body!



DATE: APR 23, 2012

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Being fat/obese was my perennial problem for several years passed. i tried a lot of slimming products such as slimmming coffees, pillls and the like. But only gave me a diuretic and laxative effects that made my body fluids and electrolyte level deteriorated! Unlike with SLIMINA, when i started using it, my body weighed 93kg.( June 18, 2011) and to my surprise, my weight was trimmed down to 63.8kg (October 15, 2011). And now. goodbye to my HORRIBLE FIGURE! Thanks to SLIMINA for boosting my self-esteem and confidence.


DATE: Feb 28, 2013

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​hi, good day, thank you magic potion thank you slimina capsule, with out slimina i would never obtain my body right now, before i was 96kilos and after 3 months im now at 58 kilos, i would have never thought its really possible to obtain this body, but thanks to slimina capsule i was able to obtain this, what i love about slimina is there is no diarhea no palpitations, and does not disturb me in my daily living thanks slimina capsule thanks magic potion attach here is my before and after picture.
slimina user Alain jach l Besas

Alain Jach L. Besas

DATE: October 20, 2009

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​I started using slimina last april. I was so chubby then and I can't wear everything that I want. I weigh 114 lbs that time. After a month of using slimina, my weight went down to 96 lbs! I never imagined that I could lose such weight.

The good thing is that it doesn't have side effects. I just lose my appetite and I feel like I'm always thirsty. So always drink plenty of water. Everyone noticed my new figure. I'm really glad that I discovered slimina! I recommended slimina to all my officemates, friends and relatives. They're all using it right now...And Slimina never fails!


JEAN RAMOS, Makati City

DATE: May 11, 2011

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​so about a year I gave a testimonial of how happy and how great I felt after taking the pills for I believe it was 2 months. Well her I am 1 years later! I absolutely love love love slimina it has done wonders for me and many people I have recommended it to. At the beginning of everything I was about 200lbs and only 21 after the first 2 months I went down to about 172 and I stopped taking them for about a month and a half due to the fact that I ran out I got another bottle and started again. I didn’t gain any of the weight I hold lost frm b4 so after my 3 bottle and now almost 5 months after I startd taking my 1st one I was at 168 so again I ran out and stopped for about 3 months and got 2 bottles when my sister came to visit took those went down to 152 stopped again. Through out my year I was on and off with the pills now I just recently finishd 1 bottle and im at 140..I was so happy with were im at. I able to shop again and my confidence is back. I actually like going out and getting dressed I don’t have to constantly have to hide behind black clothes although I can never stay to far away frm a little black dress now and then but I honestly want to say THANK YOU SLIMINA for giving me MY SEXY BACK..hehehe not only do I look good I feel good I can run around with my son and not feel so out of breath I feel in shape. And I love the fact that I haven't had any rebound weight gain after I take after 1 year and only 6 months worth of bottles I lost 60 lbs..=) I'm just super happy and wanted to share with everyone my experience

ERIKA DY, Philippines

DATE: Aug 9, 2011

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hi slimina! This product is AMAZING! I�ve been taking it for 2 months now, and I lost 13kgs! From 78kg down to 65kg without diet or exercise at all! I am very happy and satisfied with the results and I have not experienced any bad side effects, the only thing I noticed was I often get thirsty so I have to drink lots of water. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I LOSE WEIGHT EVEN IF I EAT ANYTHING I WANT. MORE POWER SLIMINA! KEEP CHANGING LIVES! See my photos and compare the before (above) and after (below) picture. With lots of love, Julie


DATE: May 3,2012

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hi im Jess, 24 y/o, 5�4 ft. and I just want to share how slimina worked wonder in me. When im in college I�ve tried a lot of diet pills, but it didn�t worked in me, instead I got a lot of pimples and an extra pounds. Desperate of being in shape I browsed the net and lucky me I found the slimina. I�ve been using this product since 2009, satisfied and happy with the result from being a 123.2 pounder im down to 103.4 lbs in just a month�s time. When I got pregnant I stopped taking this pill. I gained post pregnancy fats and too depressed because I no longer fits on my old jeans. So I start taking this pill again and wished that it will still worked for me as it worked for me before. Slimina never did fail me. Im now back in shape @ 110lbs from being a 127.6lbs. Im so happy of finding this miraculous product. Thank you.


DATE: May 28, 2010

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​My friend introduced me to Slimina because she knew I was trying to lose weight... but was having no luck whatsoever. So, she gave me half of a bottle that she had just for me to try... I was VERY VERY hesitant to try these pills because I never heard of this before and was just didn't want to get disappointed again, but since I trusted her.. I started taking it.

About 2 weeks of taking these... I saw results! It was sooo awesome because I could fit into pants that I've been trying to get into for 2 years :) In 3 weeks, I have lost about 14lbs now and still losing weight.. I am sooo happy with this product and will recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants to lose a few in no time because it's effective and most importantly SAFE!!

The only thing you have to make sure to do... VERY IMPORTANT! DRINK LOTS OF WATER.. I MEAN.. LOTS OF WATER!!

Thank you Magic Potions! :)


DATE: Feb 17, 2012

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​I would like to share my testimonial along with my "before and after" picture as a result of taking Slimina. I can truly say there is no other satisfaction like after using Slimina pills last December. I have been using it for 3 months and i am loving it! my skin became youthful looking as it glows i notice. My eating pattern changed a lot. I don't binge anymore! plus i am still losing weight without any effort at all! How I love this recommendation from my sister. My sister recommended Slimina 3 months ago. I am working abroad and been trying to slim down for ages but nothing changed me until I got back home in Manila last year and saw my sister's new figure after she tried the product. I used to weight 180lbs. and now down to 140 lbs. in just 3 months! I am already 40 years old and still amazed how i lost all the fats away in a short time. I'm leaving again for Singapore and hoping to get a better work position after looking so much better than before! Thanks to my sister and to Slimina of course! Now it's a new me! I recommend this to those who want to lose weight but too busy to work out like me.

CHE ALDAY, Philippines

DATE: Aug 30, 2011

PRODUCT: Slimina Weight Loss Capsules

​Hello Magic Potions! Im Rhea mother of 1, I used Slimina Slimming Capsules for 3 months, im on my 4th bottle now, Slimina was introduced by my friend, he is Ed Gonzales, I was convince to buy because I saw the total change of his body. So I tried to buy, in the first week, I was so shock of its effectiveness, before I can eat up to 3 cups of rice, but now I can�t finish my 1 cup, it really decreased my appetite, and I always perspire, and my weight before was 69 kgs. But now im 54 kgs.Now, I am confident to wear sexy and fitted clothes, my friends and relatives they also notice my weight loss.. I am so very thankful to Ed Gonzales, who introduced Slimina and especially to Magic Potions, you helped me to lose weight and attained my desire weight. Thank you very much!




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